Antonia and Francesca are women exploring the worlds within the human condition through writing and directing film. Together they give you the world as interpreted through their lens.

Their work is born out of a desire to explore the challenges and rewards of human intimacy. Their insatiable longing to feel connected in a dangerously detached world fuels the expression and transformation of feeling into images. Beyond their writing and directing, the Pollak Twins artistic expression can be seen in a series of photographs titled through our lens.

Antonia worked the sets of numerous art-house films, contributing to works such as Houston (Bastian Günther), Clouds of Sils Maria (Olivier Assayas), and The House that Jack Built (Lars von Trier). Francesca’s journey traversed the realms of fashion and journalism, working with British Vogue, House and Garden and Flaunt Magazine. Her creative eye extended to the set of Suspiria where she learned from visionary filmmaker, Luca Guadagnino.

Together, Antonia and Francesca co-wrote and directed a series of impactful short films, including Die Agentin, Lily, Lola, and The Icecream People. Their shorts have garnered recognition at esteemed film festivals such as the Independent Film Festival Berlin, Toronto International Film Festival, and the Indie Short Fest at the Los Angeles International Film Festival. IndieWire aptly noted that their short film Lola is “one of eight films that pack a punch.”

The culmination of their creative journey is manifested in their debut feature film, Not Made for This World. The script, meticulously developed since 2014, earned accolades through selection for prestigious screenwriting labs.

In a serendipitous turn, Antonia and Francesca graced the runway as one of the 68 identical twins at the Gucci ‘Twinsburg’ Fashion Show during Milan Fashion Week, showcasing the SS23 collection. This memorable experience marked a wonderful collaboration with designer Alessandro Michele.

The Pollak Twins are changing visual story telling through their ability to make what goes on in all of us a viewing experience. They have been featured in Flaunt Magazine, Sleek Magazine, Screen Daily, and IndieWire.

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